From summer to winter

by - 09 noiembrie

I have never imagined it would be so difficult coming back to reality after a short escape. Dubai definitely left a mark on me, one it will be hard to forget. You know me, I like travelling, but this city felt like a different planet. If you had ever thought about something amazing it is a big chance you'll find it in Dubai, because guess what? There anything is possible!

Duabi is not only newer, bigger and better it is also full of contrast and I found that to be very appealing. East meets West, old meets new and technology meets tradition. At any given corner you will find opposites that attract and make for an exiciting mix. Needless to say there is nothing better than camels on a beach in front of skyscrapers next to the one of the most amazing sunset after a swim surrounded by approximately 30 different nationalities.

The truth is, in less than a week I came back from the future, from amazing buildings and dancing fountains, from summer to winter and believe me that is hard. Nonetheless, here I am sharing with you my thoughts and with them my latest outfit.

I have chosen this coat because it reminds me of that beautiful Sun. I picked it up in order that I might make these rainy days a little more easy to bear. While a deep yellow could totally be considered a fall color, this bright, highlighter hue is totally unexpected come the colder weather. That being said, it looks great paired with neutral, non competing colors. The coat is both eye-catching and statement-making, but it's not overhelming because of the neutral beige and white tones in the rest of my ensemble.

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4 comentarii

  1. Bine ai revenit pe blog, draga mea!
    Imi era dor de pozele si tinutele tale!

  2. Ah, ce combinatie perfecta! Pantofii aia cu denim si galben <3 Vreau si eu pantofi asa.

    Te pup, frumoasa mea. :*