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My latest obsession? Faux-fur vests. They are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe and take your look from not-so-interesting to WOW. When you find the right faux fur, your pairing options are endless.

Fur tends to make one look bigger and fatter than she really is, since it's a bulky piece of clothing. To balance things, always wear something light and thin underneath fur. You'll hardly feel cold, as fur is already warm enough. 

Keep in mind that fur looks extremely luxurious and instanlty catches the eye. If you try to wear fur from head to toe, you are likely to resemble a mink or lynx. Keep things simple and always wear one single fur item at a time. Treat fur as piece of accessory, an embellishment to always have a successful look.

If you need to add a bit of spicy to an outfit, a faux-fur vest is the solution: you will suddenly feel more stilish than ever, because a fur vest adds instant glamour to a casual outfit. And what a better match for it than the perfect pair of velvet shoes?
PS: Don't wear animals!!

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