Fall leaves

by - 10 noiembrie

If you love fall, there's nothing like the sound of leaves crinkling and breaking underneath your shoes. It's a sound and a feeling I don't think I'ever grown tired of, no matter how many times I've heard or felt it. In fact, I seek it out. If I can walk through a cluster of leaves or around it, you better believe I'm going to walk through them, doing my best to crunch as many as possible. It's one of the best fall-time activities there is.

As the leaves change, occasionally you'll see a tree that's faded from red to orange to yellow to green. Or you'll see a row of trees that are all changing differently, creating a rainbow-like effect. Since I'm a big fan of color (and rainbows in particular) I love seeing the way nature creates its own on-the-ground rainbows in the fall. It's beautiful to see the leaves changing and it's also pretty amazing that they do it every year.

The truth is, whether you like it or not, is all about change. The season is changing. The weather (in most places) is changing. Change is all around us and it's deliciously intoxicating. Though many people think of the New Year as a time for change, a time to make resolutions, I've always thought of fall as a great time to change things up and that's one of the most wonderful things about this time of year.
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