Silver accents

by - 04 august

It used to be that we only thought of silver when it came to evening shoes. Or as an accent tone on dressy or casual styles. But, in recent years, along with its warmer cousin, gold, silver has become a dominant color for footwear. In fact, now transcending seasonal trends, the cooler metallic shade is a modern staple in everything from sneakers to stilettos.

It makes perfect sense, really. Silver heels are a great addition to any woman's wardrobe. They're not as dominating as black footwear is; they're not as boring as neutral shoes can be; but they are nearly as versatile as either of those choices. Silver can be paired with a plethora of warm weather colors and it works especially well with white, gray, black, blue-greens, blues and purples, as well as pastel shades of any hue. And, even though it is perfectly suited  to summers, silver works just as wonderfully in fall and winter.

They shimmer. They sparkle. Let's face it, silver heels are just a whole lot of fun. Next time you're looking for a pick me up or you're bored with you're usual footwear routine go try on a pair of your favorite style of sandals- in silver. You'll see what I mean.

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