Full sail

by - 08 august

Nautical style is one of those trends that is perpetually in fashion, particulary in the summer months, when stripes and wedges feel like being on holiday even when you're sat at your desk at a computer.

First of all, take into consideration not to turn your outfit into a costume. It's always important, no matter what trend one decides to adapt, to simply use just one strong detail and then break it up with other pieces that are neutral in style or color. If you go for a nautical striped top, then simply opt for white or denim. Just have one statement piece and let the rest do the magic. Put them all together as a canvas to amplify that detail. For a quick, seemingly effortless outfit wear wedges.

For those who have always been scared of wearing high heels, wedges are such a perfect way to go because they add some height without causing you any difficulties when walking. One thing I really love about these shoes is that they are exceptionally fashionable, can fit any style starting from the extremely elegant to those who love keeping it simple. They look great on any length of clothes that you may choose to wear, whether you love midi skirts or prefer to rock the shorter stuff. So don't be afraid to wear this summer shoes like a pro :)

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