Cobalt blue

by - 10 august

You shouldn't be afraid to wear cobalt blue. This shade is vibrant, but so easy to embrace as it flatters every skin tone and looks great from day to night. Moreover, this particular hue is also a great transition color as we near the end of August and start thinking about fall.

Every fashionista knows that style is a head-to-toe affair. As a result, you need to know how to accentuate your dress with the right make-up, jewelry, purses and shoes for a complete look. Vivid cobalt blue dresses always grab attention, however, wearing too much make-up or bright colors can creat a clown-like appearance. Instead, go for a more minimal approach. Nude is an excellent choice, but soft peaches and pinks can work as well. If you do want to add a pop of color to your face, choose one area. Try a bright pink lipstick.

When choosing jewelry you have two basic options. You can opt for simple jewelry or create a color block effect with contrasting jewel tones. They key to picking jewelry for a cobalt blue dress is to rememeber that the dress itself is the statement piece. That means you should choose understated pieces when opting for metallic or just one color, like I did today.

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