Pink & polka dots

by - 05 iulie

Isn't it great when you get to wear all your current favorites at once? I know I certainly love it and the look I'm sporting in today's post just happens to be a great example of that. I am downright obsessed with each individual piece, but being able to wear them together...well, that's even better!

When I think about my personal style, the world balance always comes to mind first. As far as outfits are concerned, I definitely prefer very clean, polished look. What do I mean by polish? Well, to me, this is a combination of fit, feel and overall appearance. I stay away from wearing anything that doesn't feel good on, pieces that I have to constantly adjust or things that have hanger appeal, but don't really wear well because they wrinkle as soon as you put them on. Actually, wrinkles happen to be a particular pet peeve of mine, because no matter how beautiful something is, if it's wrinkled, it just looks messy and disheveled. I suppose you can call me a perfectionist :)

Nonetheless, I must confess I have always been a believer in the power of accessories. I do love clothing of course, yet something about accessories captures my imagination unlike anything else. In fact, a lot of my outfits begin with an accessory. A sparkly necklace, a cute bag, or like in the case of today's look a great pair of heels.
Sandals here

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3 comentarii

  1. Foarte frumos topul, imi place tinuta ta eleganta si feminina.

  2. Lovely outfit! Imi place combinatia de roz pudra cu maro!

  3. Combinatia asta de culori este atat de placuta ochiului.