Pastel green

by - 14 iulie

Green is a hot color for this summer. It can be a pretty color if worn right...and a disastrous one if worn wrong or on a peron with the wrong coloring. If you're someone who has seen this color around in the stores or on the streets, before you run out and buy it for yourself, you should take into account if it might suit you or not.

You really need to honestly ask yourself if green is the right shade for you, not for your neighbour, not for the stylish woman you saw on the street, not for your co-worker or anyone else you've seen wearing this shade. Not every color in the world is right for everyone. Just because you see it in the stores doesn't mean you have to wear it.

This is a green shade that does not have a lot of saturation. You can see that the color is really pastel. A color like this looks better on people with softer coloring. I chose to warm up the dress with gold metallic accessories and chose a statement necklace that could complete the look and style.
What do you think? Do you like this dress?
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3 comentarii

  1. This pale green dress looks very nice. I'm okay with the color. Nice sandals. Pretty smile and hairstyle. Surely charming you are here.

  2. Wow...ce de-a poze frumoase! Iti sta bine cu aceasta culoare :)!

  3. Iti sta foarte frumos cu aceasta culoare!