Oxblood heels

by - 07 iulie

Let's be honest! No matter how many pairs of bright, statement-making heels, you own, it's the black pumps that we most often reach for to finish off a look. Naturally, pairing a colored heel to your look requires a bit more thought and effort than simply throwing on some black heels. Looking for a shoe color that can add some sophisticated pop to a look? Try burgundy.

These burgundy sandals go well with a wide array of colors, from gold and khaki to navy and brown. This color combination is regal and creates a warm feel. You can choose accessories in white, cream or pale pink to alleviate the intensity of this scheme. Neutral colors also go well with burgundy. The polka dots blouse I'm sporting today is sophisticated, has a beautiful color and goes well with warm tones. Both colors have a conservative, royal appeal which is why this color scheme is more appropriate for formal or business occasions.

All in all, oxblood heels pair well with summer dresses, dark denim, work-appropriate dresses and party outfits. If you want to experiment with color, you can pair your sandals with a gold or blue dress. Nonetheless, nude and warm colors are always a good choice if you want to be on the safe side.
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