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Over the years, I have eaten a lot of tasty and unsual things, such as squab, snails, octupus or calamari. Nonetheless, the one food I will definitely enjoy at anytime is French Fries. Yes, this maybe seems like a favorite dish for kids, but it is the best in the world. The truth is I really consider myself so lucky because I don't get fat. I like food too much to go on a diet and you can understand why French fries and ice-cream are my downfall.

Therefore, when I spotted this funny t-shirt on Cndirect I knew I had to had it. When you think about a uniform, maybe a suit or even a sports jersey comes to mind. But I've got another everyday outfit on my radar: jeans and a basic tee. They are good friends for every closet, but put them together and they become best friends. This classic combo is my go-to for lazy days, but with the right accessories, it can work just as well for work or even a night out. All it takes to put a fresh spin on this easy duo is a little inspiration.
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