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A statement skirt is a skirt with an impact; think of it as a skirt with the WOW factor. An embellished skirt, lace skirt, bold print or brightly colored skirt could in fact all be statement skirts. I think the secret to wearing one every day is to dissect the looks and wear with a more casual top, like a t-shirt.

Skirts may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the right one can set one's heart aflutter and result in an impulse purchase. There's just something about a statement piece with a fun print, a unique silhouette or a bright color that draws me to drop the splurge.

If you've found yourself falling into that trap and eventually letting that covetable skirt sit pretty in your wardrobe I'm here to give you some tips on how to get more wear out of it. A statement skirt's first debut from your wardrobe will probably be a more dressed-up look, so go simple on top with a nude shirt. This can take you from fancy night out to a chic wedding or event the office.
Skirt here

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  1. Brilliant styling, beauty blogger and beautiful high-heeled shoes. All in one post. Share your outfit on my blog. Greetings and welcome to me

  2. Adorably sweet and stylish. This skirt is lovely, but so too are the pumps and the blouse. Truly lovely you are here!