All in the details

by - 13 iulie

"Details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail"
In principle, dressing well seems to be easy. Buy and wear clothes that fit and combine to project an image. You don't even have to buy expensive clothes to dress well. With this in mind, I can not wonder, why are so many people terribly dressed?

Do you think that it really doesn't matter how you dress? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people judge you based  on the clothes you wear. I don't care if you're walking down the street or sitting in a business meeting; people are constantly look at what you're wearing.

Things being said, details do make the difference. Take today's outfit for example. Do you think that this simple blue shirt would look so interesting without the floral details on the sleeves? For me, dressing for comfort doesn't mean skimping on style, so this blouse with these cute details was the perfect pairing with a midi skirt and fancy sandals. I chose the yellow bag because I love a chic pop of color. Besides this, the classic color combo pulls the entire look together, adding a sense of polish and sophistication.
What about you? Do you pay attention to all the details?
Blouse here

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3 comentarii

  1. Omg! In love with your blouse! U look great :)

  2. Ce combinatie frumoasa! Perfecta tinuta asta! <3

  3. Just like the flower detail on your blouse, you blossom beautifully with style. The blouse, skirt, and sandals are beautiful. Your smile and hairstyle are as charming as ever. Fabulous outfit!