The floral dress

by - 24 iunie

What better way to celebrate your feminity than by wearing a gorgeous floral dress? These light and lovely styles are just as appropiate for the workplace as they are for casual occasions or vacations. Floral dresses require the right accessorizing for the most flattering looks. Don't make the mistake of going overboard if you wish to create the most fashionable outfit.

Every year around this time, floral prints start to emerge on the fashion scene. It seems as if when warmer weather begins to hit, the need to lighten up your style comes along with it. Most of us start highlighting our hair, wearing pastels and embracing a girlier, more feminine aesthetic. Floral prints are a great incarnation of this style, and lucky for us, they're super trendy!

If your wardrobe is filled with mostly solids, especially dark colors, adding a burst of summer with a floral print can be just what's needed for building an interesting outfit, injecting some personality into your look and even providing a little joy to your day.
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  1. Love your outfit:) u look great !

  2. I have definitely started adding some floral prints to my closet and pulling out a few pieces i had put away. Love your dress the floral print is just perfect and it looks very light and airy which is great for the summer heat.

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