Summer stripes

by - 17 iunie

So you probably know by now that I am a self-proclaimed lover of stripes. Seriously, as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm wearing another striped skirt. I really do love stripes. Therefore, finding this gorgeous midi perfection on was monumental.

In my typical over analyzing of the problem, I found that stripes possess a certain paradox- they're infinitely versatile, yet unfailingly consistent. Stripes can be changed in color and size, thrown onto virtually any piece and used in a thousand varied ways, making them different every time, and yet will always be unchanging in principle. Stripes are exciting, yet dependable. I can pick up a hundred striped skirts, each ever-so-slightly different from one another and honestly say that none of them are the same and I need all of them. Well, I'll admit that might be a pathological disorder :)

The truth is stripes are the tried-and-true dependable, always by your side option that never lets you down. They look good with everthing (without even trying) and are probably the one thing that can repeat itself without getting old. They're logical and rational, which pleases both the mind and the eye. From the basic principle of stripes to the fact that they can be used over and over again, stripes are the beauty that is classsic.
So, what do you think? What makes you love stripes?
This beautiful skirt can be found on here

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