Summer is here

by - 02 iunie

The days are long, the evenings warm, the night balmy and even the city breeze carries the smell of the sea (I know, some may call this wishful thinking). But it's a great feeling waking up early and realising that the sun is already up, even though it's seven in the morning. And when the sun's out, I feel energised and I can't wait to sit outside with a cup of coffee and plan my day.

Blue skies and rising temperatures mean that I can take all my colorful sundresses out, my sandals, my new sunglasses and my ancient straw hat. With so much to do I get to see more of my family and friends as we spend hours playing games, cooking, eating, catching up, gossping. 

I feel like it's official. It's summer! And to celebrate I attented a great Smiley concert last day.  It was fun and nice and I have a feeling that many more days like this will come.

As regards today's outfit I wanted something fresh that brightens any in outfits. These sandals in particular have a super modern vibe, don't you think?

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