Pink vibes

by - 09 iunie

I've always been a pink person. The only problem with pink, as far as I can tell, is the danger of overdoing it. Though I'm a huge fan of the all over pink ensemble, even I can admite there are times when it might look a bit too unprofessional and girlish. Pink can be hard to wear, especially if you're typically not a pink person. Nonetheless, a simple pair of pale pink pants can save you.

There are all sorts of simple and classy ways to wear pink pants. For a more neutral look, you can opt for a pale shade like I'm wearing here or make a statement in a brighter pink. Get a lot of wear out of your pink pants by dressing them down with t-shirts and loafers or dressing them up with a printed blouse and heels. Pull it all together with pink lips and nails (they look great with any outfit)

If you think monochrome is the way to go with pastel shades, you're completely wrong. Pastel colored clothes look especially intriguing and romantic in combination with printed and patterned pieces, especially when those patterns feature pastel tones. For instance, I have chosen this floral blouse to create a connection between all the three pieces of my outfit.
What do you think? Do you like this outfit?

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