Patched jeans

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If you asked someone what their preferred form of bottoms are, 95 percent of the time the answer would undoubtedly be denim. It's not because jeans are necessarily the most comfortable pair of pants out there, but they are the one pair of bottoms you can depend on in a pinch. Take into consideration your endless options for styles, washes and fits- the dream of being able to create a thousand different looks with one single pair of pants is entirely possible. In fact, denim has come so far over the years that some girls are getting away with some options at work far beyond the coveted casual Friday.

Patched jeans are quickly becoming a trend every woman can fall in love with. With multiple ways to wear one pair and the comfortable straight legged style it's no wonder I adore them from the first time I laid my eyes on them. The truth is I have at least three reasons why they have become a favorite staple in my closet:

  1.  Great for any occasion- whether you are dressing up for night out, running throught the airport or simply running errands you will look stylish, classy and always stay comfortable.
  2.  Always stylish, this kind of ripped jeans have been around for decades and they're not leaving anytime soon.
  3.  Perfect for any seasons, wear them with boots in the Fall and Winter or pair them with stilletos in the Spring and Summer. The rolled hem will give you plenty of ventilation in the heat, but the coverage of the fabric is going to keep you warm when the temperature gets colder.
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