Less is more

by - 22 iunie

The phrase "less is more" has been floating around the internet with increasing circulation. Many people have adopted it as a mantra and have found it to be very true in their personal and professional lives. Much of the fuss is due to the fact that many people around the world (myself included) are sick of overhelmed outfits and lives.

This summer, I have a penchant for simple shapes and muted palletes and not only because they're easy to wear. These pieces are closet staples and can be worn in so many ways. Even my accessories are pared down as the trend toward minimalism is giving me the urge to buy basics that are, well, anything but plain.

Naturally, I had to find some of the best minimalist picks for summers. And this dress is my favorite item at the moment.
Dress from womanfashion.ro here

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