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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I always draw myself in a dress because I really do wear dresses ALL THE TIME. When I first saw this one from Shein, I knew I had to try it on for two reasons. First, the length works really well on my frame and second I love the mesh and lacy material.

If you haven't tried the midi length in dresses or skirts, what are you waiting for? Unless you are super short, this length will work on you. Even us ultra-petite girls can still wear midi lengths if we add high enough heels. If you are still unsure about the midi-length, check out all the outfits I wore.

Beyond the perfect length dress, I also love the material used in this particular dress. The material falls somewhere between mesh and lace. I think it's visually interesting and feels very light and airy for summer. Unlike some lace, this dress doesn't weight you down and it isn't stiff either.

To style the dress, I added nude sandals and paired it with a bright orange clutch for color contrast. I gave up on jewellery because I wanted to focus entirely on the dress. I think it is perfect for a wedding, graduation or even for a fancy dinner with your boyfriend.

The truth is, this will definitely be my go-to special occasion dress for the summer. I am even thinking it might make its way into my suitcase for the honeymoon as it is lightweight and doesn't wrinkle. We'll have to wait and see :)

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  1. Minunata rochita! <3


  2. I have to say I love the bag. It looks really good in this outfit because it just brings that pop of color and makes everything look even better :)