Wedding time #1

by - 17 mai

I can't believe wedding season is already here! I had my first wedding of the year this last weekend and many more to come (including my own). If you are looking for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding, look no further! This dress is perfect! The color is so pretty and you can't beat the price. Besides, it is so comfortable and flattering.

The truth is we don't like to wear the same evening dress twice, especially when the crowd is the same. That's why the multi wrap dress, also known as the infinity dress, is so special. It's fun to stand in front of the mirror and make up new styles. You can twist the straps, or not to twist them, wear them in the front or turn the whole dress around backwards. You may choose between keeping the waistband at your waist, hiking it up above your bust to make a midi dress or pulling it down just above your hips to wear it as a skirt. Cross the straps? Knot them? So..many...options!

I am always searching for a beautiful, well-fitting, versatile dress and I finally found it. The infinity dress has got it all! You can wear it basically in any way you feel comfortable and it  can look like a new dress each time.

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6 comentarii

  1. Wow, foarte frumos ti-ai prins rochita. Imi place si machiajul, coafura, tot...iti sta foarte bine! <3
    Te pup

  2. Buna! Nu te supara, dar ce inaltime ai? Rochia e superba! Mersi