Peonies & stripes

by - 24 mai

I don't know about you, but each season, as soon as poenies arrive, I head straight to the store to buy a bunch. Ok, a bunch is an understatement. I may buy a few bunches this year! I just can't help myself. Nonetheles, these one from today weren't bought....I have picked them from my mother-in-law's garden specially for this post.

The peony is a lovely bloom that comes in a wide selection of colors and shapes. From red, white, pink, yellow and coral, ranging from pale hues to bright and exuberant colors, they make a highly sought after addition to any outfit. The size of the blooms can vary, but I have found that there is nothing more lovely than large white poenies in a bouquet, even more for a bridal one. They provide fullness and dignity, but also add a soft and gentle feel.

Depending on your personal style, there are many different looks that you can achieve with this flower. One thing to bear in mind is that timing is everything when it comes to these gorgeous flowers. Mother Nature has alloted a sporadic availability throughout the year and peonies are at their peak right now.

There are certain pieces I wear over and over (and over). No matter how closely packed together my hangers may be, I always reach for the same closet staples. You know, pieces that aren't too fussy or trend-specific, so you can play around with the styling for a whole range of dresssing scenarios. Stripes in particular tend to get a lot of wear and if you needed even more convincing of their staying power, this dress offers a case study in today's outfit.

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