Dress to impress

by - 23 mai

Some days you just don't feel like spending an hour doing your hair and make up before taking another 20-30 minutes finding the right outfit. It shows when you leave the house. Dressing to impress, no matter what the occasion, is a reflection of your inner drive, your self-worth and character. Taking few extra minutes in the morning to look your best, even if you're not leaving the house changes your path to productivity. When you look good, you feel good and perform well.

Dressing yo impress takes more than just putting on the right clothes, making sure your hair is in order and making your face look fresh. Every part of your outfit, including your nails and shoes are important details. Chipped nail polish and ratty shoes come off as you having lazy tendencies and are not putting your appearence in the forefront.

Impressions are made surrounding your appeareance no matter where you go. Someone always has an opinion of their own. While you still need to have an identifiable personal style, fitting in no matter where you are is a must. Even if you are getting ready to board a plane or just running to the corner store for forgotten items, always look your best as you never know where an oppurtunity may present itself  and better your life.

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