Accordion skirt

by - 25 mai

It's easy to see why the accordion skirt is a trend that just won't stop: they're soft, flowing and super flattering. And honestly, I am 100% okay with that. By now, you probably know how attached I get to a good skirt. I've raved about scuba skirt, I've poured over peplum hems and now it's time to circle back to all those pretty pleats. So here you have it!

This time I want to show you what to wear with a pleated skirt. This bottom piece is very functional and eye-catchy, so you better combine it with your favorite tops and cover-ups. You might say this syle is no the best option for everyday looks, but once you look at this outfit, I am pretty sure you goona change your mind. This look is ideal for spring and summer wear, so you better go for the one that is lush and airy.

If you have a curvy top, then pleated skirt will for sure balance the whole look. Keep the top light. Indeed, it's better to choose light fabrics and lightweight silhouettes. My favorites are the skirts with beautiful waistband.

My personal advice to every lady who is now reading this is NOT to overload the outfit. Of course, if you are a skinny and tall girl, then you might go for different kind of styles, by combining voluminous tops with lush skirt, but if you are petite like me, less is more!

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