Midi fixation

by - 28 aprilie

I suppose a better title for this post would have been blue fixation, but midi fixation had a better ring to it and so I rolled with it! When it comes to favorite colors, my obsessions shift from season to season and though I certainly have a few go-to colors, for the most part, I like a bit of variety. Well, with the exception of midi skirts that is because I cannot remember a blue midi skirt I did not love!

If you wear  a bold color midi, temper it with a neutral blouse. As for pleated or fuller options, keep the top simple. I like to wear my midi with a silk button down or a closer fitting top. To elongate the leg and combat the stumpy look wear high strapped heels. I'm referring to sexy minimal heel sandals that give you height without the extra weight of a clumpy shoe.

My favorite style of skirts are those that offere elegance without the need for much accessories. These pieces are eye-catching even without accessories to make them stand out.

I hope this outfit will inspire my shorter readers to feel confident enough to give midi skirts a try. Don't be afraid to style it and make it your own, even when the most say you should avoit it. If you love it, fantastic. If you don't, at least you gave it a try and scratched the curiosity itch.

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3 comentarii

  1. Foarte frumoasa combinatia de culori :*


  2. Arata foarte bine tinuta, iubesc dungiile alaturi de culori puternice. Love it :*

  3. so in love with this fab look