Maxi skirt

by - 26 aprilie

A few years ago when maxi skirts started to make a big comeback, I was convinced that I could never wear one. I'm only  1.57, so I figured any maxi skirt out there would swallow me up and make me look ridiculous. Until one day I tried one and fell in love. Now I realize that not only can you be petite and wear maxi skirts (they can actually make you look taller if styled correctly), but I know that anyone, no matter what shape or size, can wear them and look good.

Maxi skirts are a wardrobe staple for most of us. That's what's so great about them-they're versatile, easy to style with anything and incredibly comfy. If you didn't buy one yet, you need to, because there are so many outfits you can create with one.

Here are three things you have to take into account when wearing a maxi skirt:
  • Length: a maxi's length ca vary greatly. For the most flattering, go with a cut that is all the way down to the floor. A skirt that is exactly ankle height can cut off your legs and make you look like a tree stump. If you always feel "stumpy" when wearing maxis, try one that has a slit at the leg, which often can feel less restricting and elongate the legs.
  • Define the waist: whatever you're wearing on top, make sure you define your waist, whether it's with a belt, tucking in, or tying up your shirt.
  • Material: stay away from tight maxis in ultra-thin, clingy material- they show everything. No matter how many squats you're doing in the gym, those skrits are never flattering. As a rule of thumb, if you get a line from your underwear or from tucking in your shirt, put it back on the rack!
A timeless classic that never dates, these skirts have a place in every woman's wardrobe. And when you have the perfect silky rose quartz one there is nothing you could wish more. Choosing the right fabric, matching it with a pretty top and picking complementary accessories, this is the key to looking great in a maxi skirt.

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