Lady in red

by - 20 aprilie

A red dress is always a bold fashion statement. It gives you almost everything you need to feel and look right for the occasion. And did you also know that the color red has been scientifically proven to elevate your self-confidence? Yup, it's definitely a must-own look-effortlessly-hot item!

When you choose accessories to wear with your dress stick with simple, unobtrusive pieces that add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention. Keep you dress the focal poinf of your outfit. If you have a bold personality, opt for a bold shoe! Shiny patent leather adds a trace of shimmer to your foot, which may prevent your heels from being obscured by your red dress.

Consider rings, earrings and bracelets over necklaces. They do not overlap with your dress and can be admired on their own. Necklaces and long dangle earrings may brush your dress. Even though you can have an ensemble with multiple pieces, you should still keep things toned down. A large bag may wash you out, instead go for a small clutch, especially one in black and white.

If you're on a budget and want to be able to wear the same dress multiple time for various occasions then buy a red dress in a timeless style. Like for example this one I am having today. I must confess, I don't usually wear red. Maybe I should. What do you think? Do you like the dress?

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