For the love of lace

by - 07 aprilie

As I have mentioned before, come Spring time, I am always on a look out for certain essential items to complete my wardrobe. A statement bag, a pair of pastel pumps and perfectly fitted pants are always on top of that list because I simple can't imagine my Spring/Summer wardrobe without them. I think of these three as fundament of most my looks, which is not surprising I suppose, considering my weakness for pastel pairings.

The lace blouse is a total must-have fashion item this season, but it can be a tricky piece to pull off. You want to embrace the top's romantic spirit without looking like you're wearing a costume, and you want to look sexy without looking too scandalous

One tip to keep in mind when learning how to wear lace is to limit the amount of jewellery you add to your outfit. While a pair of earrings can help spice things up, too many baubles can spell a fashion disaster. So, let your lace do the talking and save the chunky necklaces and arm parties for your neutral sweaters.

The truth is, I wanted the purse to be the statement accessory, so I kept everything simple. When you have a fantastic accessory, you really want your attention to be on that special item. Keep everything else you wear simple. When you wear other items with a lot of details, it starts to clash, as though they fight for attention with the statement accessory and  that can look like you're trying too hard. Plus, a sleek and simple look is very classic and no one ever complains about classy outfits.

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