Florals for office

by - 21 aprilie

My interest in floral prints stems in part from my belief that every woman should be able to thrive in a professional workplace while wearing clothes that make her feel powerful and attractive. On the other hand, this belief requires focused attention to the details that can make the difference between looking sophisticated and looking girlish.

A little floral at the office goes a long way. First of all, keep in mind to wear one floral print at a time. Keep your look sleek and sophisticated when wearing floral prints to work. Avoid girlish details like ruffles, bows decorative edging and lace.

A floral statement piece (or any statement piece, for that matter) should be paired with an otherwise understated outfit. For example, wear a bold floral blouse with a simple neutral pants, a classic handbag and understated jewellery. Look for floral prints with rich colors which look more professional. Avoid neon which is too casual for the office.

Beware of girlish pastel prints at the office. Either avoid them altogether or think carefully about how to wear a pastel floral print to work.

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