City stripes

by - 14 aprilie

Colored stripes are trending, which is great news for all of us monchromatically inclined or black-clad fashionistas because- let's be honest- we could all use a litlle something whimsical to mix into our spring wardrobe.

Bright, colorful stripes might just be the embodiment of this season. They're an easy way to mix up the basics you're already wearing while reflecting the extra sunshine of spring colors. Plus, they're a popular choice. If you are shopping for striped items look for pieces with personality that might bring you joy.

Wearing golden rays for spring is like adding a dose of vitamin D to your wardrobe: much-needed treatment for the city-dwellers used to wearing all-black. In extenso is an easy place to start shopping for some stripy t-shirts like this sunny one I am wearing today.

While brights are an instant outfit pick-me-up, I admit that bold trends often seem daunting to style at first. New season, new you, though-right?


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