Brilliant blue

by - 15 aprilie

I've never understood why blue represents cold. Doesn't it make everyone think of clear skies, deep seas and happy summers? Well, the designers obviously agree with me because blue was all over the summer collections. Though the catwalks carried every shade from cyan and sky to teal, it's the shade that hovers around cobalt blue that have really caught my eye.

With all the buzz around trendy colors like mint green, serenity, emerald and pink, of-the-moment cobalt blue has sort of slipped through the cracks, which is weird because it is such a bright color that is hard to miss.

Cobalt blue is a color full of personality, so it's best to avoid mixing it with other very bright colors. You can opt for strong shades, but only if you limit them to a specific and secondary part of your outfit. For example, a touch of mustard or yellow cand work. The biggest risk you run when putting an outfit like this together is looking dull. Which is why I brought in the n the yellow shoes to break up the monochromatic play of these two colors.

Lastly, what makes cobalt blue so appealing is that it really is a season-less color. It's poppy and fresh dor summer, but also elegant and rich in heavier fabrics like cashmere, flannel and wools for autumn and winter.

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