Blue lace

by - 13 aprilie

Hello, everyone! How is your week going on so far? Currently I find myself completeley obsessed with these lace blouses. So good paired with skirts, yet equally interesting with more casual options like a simple pair of jeans or shorts. In essence, another one of those items that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

You see, I've been on a hunt for a perfect lace blouse for ages now. In my mind, this elusive blouse was elegant and sophisticated, dressy yet a bit edgy. Sounds simple, right? I mean with the abundance of lace items out there, it should be easy to find just the right one! Well, apparently not :)

What does a combination of blue and white bring to your mind? Chalky, domed, cycladic plaster houses of Greece that dazzle beautifully across the turquoise sea, cotton wool clouds across the soft blue sky, blue and white pottery and porcelain pieces delicately decorated by hand or costumes in nautical stripes? Well, to me blue and white is all about summer.

While white is an all time classic and helps create a statement when worn with the right co-ordinates, blue is the most versatile and flattering of all colors. From vibrant turquoise to ice-blue, inky indigo, pastel blue or cobalt, you can pick the shade you like to suit your taste and temperament.


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