Spring look

by - 30 martie

Last week it was winter. This week it's spring Last week we were going to work with two pairs of tights under our skirts, today we are can weat short sleeves and bare arms. To use a word of our times, clearly there are "failings" in the weather. Easter is coming; women's magazines are full of adverts of women in sandals, bright pastels are the designated colors of the moment. Yet, there are these cold days which make me wonder what is wrong with the weather?

Should you dress for the weather or the seasons? When can you start to rotate spring items into your winter wardrobe? And most important, how do you look chic when the temperature and time of year are changing so much? Well, I definitely dress for the season. The truth is I couldn't wait to wear pastels, dresses, skirts and sandals. No matter how much I freeze! :)

The truth is, even if you hang on every word of the weather forecast, you're likely to end up dressed too lightly on some days, too heavily on others. So be brave, thoughtful and creative in craftion your spring-into-summer style. Expect some missteps. And learn to laugh at them!

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