Green pants

by - 03 martie

The seasons have a lot to do with what I wear on a day to day basis. In my spring outfits, I wear green, pastels, florals and bright patterns. When it's summer, I wear stripes, lots of blue, yellow and brights. There are some people that like to stick to one or two colors or even one general color palette, but not me, I like to experiment and try it all. It's fun to experiment from time to time.

When wearing lots of color like I do, make sure it looks cohesive. To achieve a cohesive look; first decide what item in your outfit is the focal point: the shirt, pants, shoes or accessories. Once the main piece is selected, add additional items that enhance the overall look and support the clothing you choose as main focal point.

In this outfit, I wore these gorgeous emerald green pants. I wanted them to be the main color and focus of the outfit so I kept the rest neutral. The blouse, the jacket and the accessories are in off-white, gray and  black. I could have worn a printed shirt and purple shoes, but I thought these stand out green pants were enough to make this a stylish spring outfit.

Hope you'll be inspired!

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