Wishlist: Spring trends

by - 05 februarie

A step away from minimalism means runways with high impact trends. From the modernization of retro silhouettes, to ruffles and plaids, see the ten trends that define this Spring.

1. The cold shoulder
Bare those shoulders, because this season it's all about shrugging off your sleeves. The off the shoulder silhouettes make for the perfect beach-to-bar outfits. Whether you pair yours with high-waisted trousers, a mid lenght skirt or opt for a dress, these three options will have you covered.
2. Pleats
Whether they have knife, accordion or superfine crystal pleats, these precisely folded tops, bottoms and dresses take on sophistication that goes beyond the pleats on private-school uniforms. Such feminine detailing, with just a trace of metallics and shine, generates sexiness that has a hint of reserve. Plus, they look amazing on-or off-the dance floor.

3. 70's inspired suede
There are only two fabrics to contemplate adding to your wardrobe this season and that's suede and denim. Denim we know, we have it in our wardrobe already, it's easy, it's classic, straightforward and even when it gets an "update" it's not that hard to get to grips with. But suede is a little bit trickier. First off, bceause it'a s little more demanding, it has rules, and just like Gremlins should be kept away from water.
4. Lightweight denim
Does the heavy feel of denim on a hot day weigh you down? Go for a lighter look this summer season with lightweight jeans. Constructed with a blend of cotton and spandex, these jeans have a stretchy, curve-hugging fit that you don't get from regular denim. Don't let your jeans be a heavy burden!

5. The white shirt
It takes you anywhere, adds polish to every outfit, and never goes out of style. Get one already!
6. Pastels
Welcome to the world of pastel hues, where pops of dusty pink or soft mint are the perfect antidote to any dark or pallid wardrobe.
7. Orange
Orange might be a shade with a few less than flattering connotation; think that big orange airline in the sky and over-liberal applications of fake tan. For this spring/summer, however, it's finding itself on infinitely more stylish ground.
8. Plaids
From pants to slip-on sneakers and button-down shirts, there so many ways to work this trend into your wardrobe this spring- but I-m especially loving the more sophisticated vibe you can achieve with the dresses, pleated midi skirts and blazers.
9. Fringed benefits
If you're not rocking fringe already, in this Spring you will be. Because judging by the what was coming down the runways, choppy edges are still having a major moment.
10. Ruffles
Whether they're framing the face or spiraling off the hips, arhitectural ruffles build the foundation of a dramatic evening look. These stiff, austere waves are more modern than floppier furls of past seasons, making this feminine detail feel new again.
Blouse (here)
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