Perfect jeans

by - 25 februarie

If you read my blog on regular basis, you probably know what a huge shoeaholic I truly am! And so, when I found these amazing heels at Zara, I simply couldn't resist! :)

When it comes to my favorite shoe styles in general, drama and details is what I tend to go for the most. Even when it comes to everyday and casual, plain is not my game. Well, aside from being incredibly versatile, what I like about these heels the most is the fact that they add that perfect touch of drama to both casual or dressy outfits. A little sexy, a little girly, they have this ability to transform even the simplest of styles into statement outfits.

Nonetheless, this is again one of my outfits comprised entirely of all the things I am completely and totally obsessed with. Take these beautiful jeans for example, they take jeans to the next level, don't you think? They add just the right touch of texture and transforms even the simplest outfit into a hit. Yet, what I particulary adore about these jeans is the fact that they are made from light-as- air fabric which feels so good. Moreover, the cut and the color work synergistically together to create a piece that is both slightly casual and decidely polished. Naturally, I absolutely love that!


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3 comentarii

  1. So clean and lovely <3

    Take a look at my new post:

  2. After following you for so long on LOOKBOOK, I think this is my first time commenting in your blog. I am John from the United States.

    While this post is about the jeans, I think that while the jeans look nice, I adore the blazer and blouse more. I like the pumps, but not terribly in love with them. Your smile and hairstyle are beautiful in just about all of your pictures and outfits. Here, both are just as lovely as any other picture and really add some sweet style to your fine outfits. Fabulous style!

  3. Blugii astia ii astept si eu. Sunt supeeeerbi, vad :D
    Imi place tare mult combinatia ta.