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by - 18 februarie

No one is saying it's easy: finding the perfect engagement ring is nearly as elusive as finding the woman on whose left hand you hope to place the said ring. There are so many factors at play - you're dealing with the emotional waterfall of anticipation: when to propose, how to propose and the biggest dilemma of all: how will you find the ring?

When you're trying to find the best place to shop - for anything - you do your due diligence. You post it as your status, blocking your hope fiance: "Facebook Friends! Do you have a favourite jewellery store? I'm looking for something special. Please don't tell her. Would love any info/recommendations on local Melbourne shop. And, please, shhhh....!" You may find that the same name will keep showing up in your comments thread.  I know a shop so highly recommended it's clearly in the running- if not the winner- in the search for the best jewellery shop in Melbourne: Simon West Fine Jewellery.
Before you make your appointment for one-on-one personal consultation at the Simon West shop (where they'll exclusively advise you for up to an hour), you can visit their website and spend as much time as you like- in the comfort of your home-- scrolling through a remarkable collection of custom designed, handmade engagement rings.

Choosing between a mall-located chain jewellery shop and a craftsman boutique jewellery store shouldn't even be a choice, because latter will offe you so many options and present you with a handcrafted ring made of quality metal and gems. Those large chain stores buy everything in buld and quality cannot be carefully maintained and observed as would be by artisan experts.

The next step is the proposal and there are so many memorable options. Here are just a handful of ideas:
1. Choose a place of great significance to the two of you, where you first met, kissed etc.
2. Choose a landmark in your city.
3. If she is super social and you're confident for a "yes", throw a surprise party and propose in front of your closest friends and family.
4. Send her on a fun treasure hunt. The final stop will be a gift box with the engagement ring.
5. Use the idea no. 3, but have balloons that form the phrase "Will you Marry Me?" or have specific important attendees have the words on a shirt- at the end of the question mark, will be you.
6. Create a digital album of life together, with the last page being a proposal.
7. Have a beautiful " Will you Marry Me?" not written on lovely paper, fold it and put it in a locket and hang it from your pet dog's or cat's collar.
8. Do it the traditional way- take her to an old-school restaurant with candlelight, wine, the whole nine yards. Have a friend film the proposal and have your closest friends step out from hiding to congratulate you both.
9. Create a gift box or basket of her all time favourite foods and sweets and at the very bottom, have the jewellery box and ring.

Once you've planned your proposal you can offer her a supplemental gift- view a beautiful range of earrings in Melbourne. You can have the earrings match with her engagement ring or it can be in a design that stands out on its own. Whatever it may be, you are guaranteed to make her happy because you have finally popped the question every woman wants to hear from the man they want to marry.

Now that you've found the ideal ring, arranged and planned the proposal, you are well on your way to a happy life together.

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