Denim shoes

by - 24 februarie

When it comes to shoes, leather and suede are usually the first two materials that come in mind. Two basic fabrics that provide a vast amount of styles while offering multiple palettes for designers to work on. With all the types of leather and suede there are, it is no surprise that they are the go to when it come to heels.

But there is one fabric that is often disregarded in the grand scheme of things. A cloth that is more associated with a pair of jeans than a pair of shoes: DENIM. The truth is I wish it was used more frequently on stilettos. The look it provides is abstract, a little piece of extra flair provided by a simple fiber.

Before you can choose what kind of shoes to wear with your skinny pants, you need to take all these factors into account. The beauty of these kind of pants is that they can look great with a whole range of options. You can wear them with shoes, boots and sandals. You can opt for high heels or flats, narrow heels or wide. Just be sure to avoid anything too clumpy, such as thick or platform shoes, or they'll look unbalanced against your slimline legs.


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  1. Foarte frumos iti sta cu parul aranjat in acest fel, iar combinatia de galben a sacoului cu pantofiorii din denim este lovely <3