Almost spring

by - 12 februarie

It comes around when you are least expecting it, like a speed camera or toothache. Except it is much, much nicer. One day it's not there and the next it is. And on that morning, the bad news, the scandals, the economic downturns, everything is forgotten. It arrives overnight and the word you hear the most wherever you go is not Syria or bombs or deficit, but beautiful and glorious. And spring!

What I love about spring is that there is no official beginning to it. It's not an exact science. It begins on that morning when something barely perceptible changes in the air, that first day you don't need your overcoat, people smile at you and it feels essential to go for a walk in the park. The sky is blue and planes thread silver of vapour slowly across it. That day you know winter is finally over.

Don't get me wrong: I like winter! I like scarves and fires, hot chocolate and beautiful movies. But spring is soft and warm and sharp like cider. For me, spring it's about the promise of good things to come...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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2 comentarii

  1. modelling in the streets….
    edgy and chic look
    kisses Blamod

  2. Ce draguta e poseta :)!Arati minunat in tinuta asta si sunt perfect de acord cu ce ai spus in postare!Sa ai un weekend frumos :)