Winter tales

by - 19 ianuarie

When I was a kid I used to always wish for snow because it meant I could have a lot of fun making snowmen, snowangels and having snowfights with friends. Playing outside in the snow was always fun and the only time I had to go outdoors during winter.

Well, now I must confess, I have an intense love-hate relationship with snow. The hate part is mostly due to the immense disruption it causes to our transport infrastructure because unlike Russia, Scandinavia or other places where it snows regularly we don't get that much snow and when it does snow we're not prepared for it. My guess is we will never be, but I don't want to talk about that.

However, watching snow fall is beautiful. Nature at it's best! As snow begins to settle it makes the normally humdrum look of our town more pleasing and picturesque when it has a thick white blanket covering it. Unfortunatelly, it doesn't last much as mud and slush will take its place.

All in all, snow is magical. It's pretty, it's fun to play and it makes the world look a little nicer for a little while. But looking cute in the snow? That can be kind of difficult. For many people, winter is about black, grey, brown or other dark colors. It's not my case. It's nothing that I love more than wearing bright pastels when it's snowing. Well, the truth is I would even go for white :)

In the movies, it might look cute when snowflakes fall on a girl's perfect curly hairstyle. In real life, snow quickly melts into water, which is the fastest way to mess up your hair. I learned this the hard way. So, always wear a hat or beanie when it snows!


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7 comentarii

  1. haha thanks for the tip about snow falling on hair, I have never seen snow fall in real life before (living in Australia) so I know what you mean about it looking pretty on your hair! these photos are so lovely, and I love the blush tones in your scarf and pants! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. Ce poze frumoase Vale, ati iesit cand ningea :X Supeeer.

  3. Ce dragute sunt pozele, arata super cu zapada <3
    E foarte draguta tinuta, imi plac toate piesele :D
    Te pup!

  4. Nice scarf and cute beanie :)
    Maria V.