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by - 07 ianuarie

Ah...fur hats! Another fashion trend for this winter that has me reminiscing on my childhood and how I hated wearing hats. 20 years later and...I love them. The best thing about fur hats is that, besides looking super cool and stylish they keep us warm and comfy. I have always thought how interesting it is that a fully covered up neck and head will keep you warmer than boots or thick trousers. The truth is, furry heads have been around for centuries, just think about those Russian arisocratic ladies in the 1800's who looked so ravishing in them while keeping warm on a blistering cold Moscow.

Depending on what look and style you're going for, you can choose a fur hat to match. For a stylish even glam approach you can opt for a nude simple hat, without flaps and let your hair loose. Statement earrings will give a bit of a sophisticated touch when barely seen from behind your mane and furry accessory. It goes perfect with a coat in any style and boots. Any jacket or coat goes with them depending on your style. Sporty chic: parkas, classic with a twist:coats, edgy: leather jacket.

Personally these big fuzzy fur hats are my favorite. They just make any look less pretentious, yet extremely stylish and sophisticated while keeping you warm. It has a bit of that effortlessly cool vibe to it.

PS: The skirt, it's actually a dress, this gorgeous dress I have already worn here :)

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