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This is the mildest winter I have experienced so far. No snow, no temperature below 0. It sounds dreamy and it is. That aside, I did enjoy shooting this outfit, because it is simple and I didn't have to freeze my face off shooting it, as I didn't wear a coat. Fur vests are so versatile and perfect for creating fun layered outfits. I wore mine with a turtleneck and brown boots which you know are a must in my wardrobe.

A great pair of boots are a clothing staple that should be found in every woman's closet. There are tons of different styles- heel, flat, wedge, over the knee, embellished, pointed toe, not to mention all the color options, but I find that a simple brown riding boot is the most versatile. I have this pair from Kurtmann.ro and they are in perfect condition after wearing them constantly in the past few months.

Skinny jeans are that kind of clothing that must be found in every women's wardrobe. Unexceptionally!! Hands up who makes an exception - I see none. To throw out another assumption into the room, it's probably also the most worn garment generally. And the truth they look so cool, don't they?


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