Mustard pants

by - 15 ianuarie

Winter is really not the time for harsh colors. Weather and light can be unkind, so we're drawn towards something with warmth, but at the same time, we want to be cheered. Luckily for anyone feeling a bit glum or a little lost, mustard yellow is trending this season and it has endless possibilities.

Mustard yellow is a warm color that evoques autumn leaves. In this outfit I paired it with similar colors such as soft bronze and creamy chocolate. The rich textures of the black pumps and the leopard shirt contribute to make the outfit both chic and bohemian.

If you're not ready to seize the moment, start with accessories like pumps, bags and scarves. Restrict the rest of your outfit to neutrals, to be sure that you wow with your statement pieces. Break the impact of mustard yellow with a cable or rib texture and tone down the effect even further with black if you must. However, I feel sure that this reticence won't last long!


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