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by - 06 ianuarie

Leopard print is a classic and comes in and out of fashion every few seasons like clockwork. An animal printed coat might seem like a big statement, and it is, but it's also surprisingly versatile and the perfect addtion to you winter ensembles.

I have this leopard print coat for at least five years. It is by far one of my favourite item in my closet and is utter perfection. It's a little bit vintage now, so the faux fur is not as soft as it once was, but the satin lining is still supple and this silhouette will always be in style.

Things being said, there are few pieces of clothing more glamorous than a fur coat. But there is something different about leopard print faux fur. It doesn't look real per se, but the mottled color and hazy print help to give even to the most basic faux fur dimension and variation that 99% of solid-colored faux furs just don't have. Wear it with everything from a dress to a pantsuit and give your look an instant dose of high-end glamour.


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4 comentarii

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! <3
    Vad ca si voi ati prins fulgii de nea :D


    1. Daaa..tocmai incepuse sa ninga si era un frig...dar na..asta e viata de blogger :))

  2. That's a lovely mix of colours, and I really like your watch.

    Mika from La French Connection

  3. Cat imi place tinuta. Si eu ador animal print-ul <3