Black is the new black

by - 08 ianuarie

Funny, as much as I talk about how much I love wearing something new, if I had to be really honest, I'd say that in many ways, wearing my tried and true favorites is what I love the most. In fact, most of the prized pieces I have in my closet, the ones I really enjoy putting on every time without exception have been with me for years. Like old friends you can always rely on, I can count on them to make an outfit and make me feel great while I wear them every time.

I love pleated skirts! Aside from the fact that a nice skirt adds a beautiful texture and dimension to outfits, I absolutely love how twirl-worthy, play and fun it is! Another reason I'm so fond of it, is because it's so versatile. I know, I know I talk about versatility a lot, but being able to wear my favorites in a variety of ways is really important to me and pleated skirts happen to be one of those well loved staples that can be dressed up or down depending on occasion!

Take today's look for example! Aside from the fact that I'm really partial to this particular shade of black, I fell in love with the effortless movement it creates with every single step you take.

What do you think? Do you like this outfit?

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6 comentarii

  1. Superb outfit! <3

  2. Ce tari sunt colierele de la gat. De unde le-ai luat? :D
    E foarte draguta tinuta <3
    Te pup!

  3. Foarte frumoasa esti!! Cred ca as avea putine emotii cu lungimea fustei si cu vantul, dar dresul mat e perfect!! Imi place mult geanta, dar mai ales culoarea ei 😍😍

  4. babeeee, those necklaces on you look just amazing, love em :D
    and the bag is super lovely