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Contrary to contemporary belief, the skin-baring, glove-tight clothes wearing Kardashians are not the arbiters of all that is sexy in women's wear. Frankly, even if you truly have the body to wear conventionally "sexy" clothing, the adage of "everything in moderation" should still be adhered. This means, yes, you're growing up. You are almost grown up. But you're still a teen, and right now, you're a teen looking forward to prom.

And no matter what size you are, you're likely to find an appropiate prom dress. Some of the best choices at the Prom Dress Shop feature stylish dresses that stay well within the conservative side. The key will be to find one in which you feel very attractive. Because that's what sexy should mean: appealing and attractive. Sure, you can get opinions from others, but ultimately your attitude will be affected by how the dress makes you feel. 

You'll soon discover that "sexy" defies most genuine definitions. In fact, "sexy" is most often in the eye of the beholder. What's sexy to one person may not be to another, period. For example, fingernails are a good example, some men love a colorful polish, on well-manicured, longish nails. It's feminine, appealing and shows a lot of care went into the girl's looks. The men who pay attention to such matters also probaly appreciate a well made up face of make-up. They'd balk at clown make-up, but then again, they would be the type to prefere (when polled anonymously) a made-up face to make-up free one. But short, clean polish-free fingernails and little-to-no make-up can be considered very "hot" by others.

So, how can you be sexy at prom without breaking the rules? Firstly, find out what the rules are at your school (or the school whose prom you'll be attending). The rules vary from school to school.

An article in Chicago Now lamented that schools have to enforce prom-dress codes because parents are apparently refusing to do so. In April 2015, a Michigan teen was sent home from prom because her short sleeve, scoop-necked, polka dot floor-length mermaid dress was deemed a violation of the dress code-the dress, which well covered up (albeit tightly) her body, featured an open back.
Local Chicago Morgan Park High School has a strict dress code on campus for school days, but also has rules in play for their homecoming and prom dances. There's some subjectivity. For example, skirts and dresses "should be an appropiate length", which clearly leaves enough to be open on interpretion. Tops (important if you're going to opt for one of the popular two-piece prom dresses) "must cover chest and midriff areas".

One Florida High School in Marion County, has an all capital text webpage indicating:
  • front slits should be no shorter than two-inches above knee
  • front and side cut outs are not permitted
  • no bare midriffs or see-through material
  • strapless dresses must fit securely
  • back of dress must be mid-range low cut
  • no excessive cleavage
  • no short dress with sheath bottom
  • bi-level must hit knee
  • no ballerina dresses above knee
One thing many teenage girls may not consider is that they will have time, post-high school, to wear more revealing clothing. You want to enjoy prom. There are plenty of beautiful dresses that adhere to codes, whether lax or strict.

Here, for example, are dresses that very likely meet even the most stringent of codes:
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