Shades of blue

by - 23 decembrie

Blue is a classic color and a staple in my wardrobe. Pairing blues together can be a little intimidating though. Do you choose pieces with the same tone? One that's lighter on top? Darker on bottom? Different textures? A print?

Well, the first trick is to make sure that the piece on top is a tad lighter than the piece on bottom. It's a little more pleasing to the eye and seems to make sens. I also like the blues to have a slightly different texture. In this case, I chose a light blue silk blouse to pair with my navy pants. When pairing two of the same colors together, I try to keep the rest of the outfit more neutral, that's why I have chosen this grey maxi bag from H&M. The truth is, I love how all the blue hues work together here, making an otherwise office outfit slightly more chic without being calculated. Effortless chic, that elusive goal:)

What do you think? How do you like to wear blue on blue?

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