Red lipstick

by - 18 decembrie

There is just something about a girl who fearlessly rocks RED lipstick. And when I say red, I'm not being exclusive to the literal color red ( I wouldn't dare to be so unimaginative)-I'm referring to the myriad of colors that fall into the unapologetically bold category. A red lipstick girl doesn't subscribe to the overly simplistic stereotypes that girls are supposed to be meek, shy and fearing their own shadows. Regardless of her personaly style, a girl who rocks red lipstick unearths the sweet nostalgia of old Hollywood, and in this dull age of "natural beauty" she's a breath of fresh (yet vintage) air.

A red lipstick girl prefers champagne to beer, heels to flats, steak to gluten-free vegan salad. She knows how to live and she definitely understands the concept of live fast, die gorgeous.

Red lipstick girls choose FASHION over FUNCTION and are willing to suffer mild discomfort in order to contribute to the overall glamour and beauty of the world.


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  1. I agree with you about red lipstick Valentina. I like very muc your shirt and especially your beautiful skirt. Have a nice sunday, kisses from Italy,

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