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by - 09 decembrie

Chirstmas is the time to disconnect from work, catch up with family, sleep in, watch the season's most anticipated movies, (over) eat good food and relax. But despite these seemingly ideal conditions, the holidays are not all reindeers and cakes, the stress of holiday shopping can take a serious toll.

Sweaty, impatient crowds, dizzying light and warbling choral music on repeat; snot-nosed kids crying for their parents from the knees of fake Santas; icy, overflowing parking lots- all of these things do little to ease us into the season of charity and peace.

That said, I've put together a guide of the best Christmas gifts for men-all of which are available from the comfort of your desk chair- in the spirit of making your life as blissful as possible. Not only are these gift options suitable for any guy on your list, but you'll be spared the hustle of shopping malls during this critical time of the year.

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1. A classic watch
A classic watch is easy to wear under any circumstances. The simpler and more elegant the watch is, the easier it will match his outfit. Leather is a noble material that gives a distinguished and sober look. It is a proof that refinement and timeless design combine perfectly with functionality and reliability. The lines should be classic and clean and the colors should be neutral.

2. A knitted tie
Knit ties are great for casual, cool, confident style and work well in a variety of situations. I love knit ties because they project a stylish and casual nonchalance.
3. A cozy sweater
A classic sweater with a modern feel is the hot style of the season. V-necks, crew necks, caridgans, fisherman style and cable knits are all making appearences, but with updated fabrics and fits. Look for slim fitting v-necks that are dressy with a shirt and tie, or more casual with a crew neck tee.
4. A funny pair of cufflinks
A man tunes his cufflinks to the occasion or mood he is in. There are different metals and plating, stones or other material from which cufflinks are made. Cufflinks that will always look and feel great on pretty much any shirt are sterling silver. But if your man is under 30, then you should look for something more creative and fun like these gearshift ones :)
5. A cool gadget
From sports cars to spy cameras, power tools to wireless power gadgets- guys love thechnology. Most men have at least on high-tech obsession. It could be the latest gas grilling equipment, a cutting edge fly rod, the newest smarthpone, computers, electronics and the list goes on and on. Lucky for you, here you can find plenty of items to choose from.

6. The perfect wallet
Let's not forget that although wallets are practical and may not be noticed as much as other accessories, they can still be fashionable and stylish.
7. A nice pair of gloves
Well, as it becomes colder and colder outside a pair of gloves is more than just a gift, it is a must. My adivce? Choose leather. It will always be more elegant and fashionable.
8. A business scarf
If there is one accessory this season that really speaks the language of versatility to the sophisticated, elegant man it has got to be a business scarf. It is also a great trans-seasonal accessory, perfect for the in-between seasons weather which we are currently experiencing.
9. A shaving kit
Looking for a gift for the man who seemingly has everything? Well, a shaving set it is sure to satisfy any modern gentleman as it comes in a variety of options. It is safe, easy and hygienic.
10. Car accesories
Man love their cars, so if you have any kind of knowledge about cars you should try and buy him something for his car. I bet he will really appreciate your effort. Here are some ideas.
Hope you'll find this article useful!
Good luck!

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