by - 15 decembrie

I love cats. I love them because they are brave little adventures who are also afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Because they steal our hearts with all their mischievous and baffling behaviour. Because they are better alarms than any snooze button or clock will ever be. Fluffy tails. Head bonks. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and above all this they love you long as you feed them :)

My love for cats can be seen even in the clothes I wear. That's why when I spotted this cute little blouse on Shein I was so, oh so happy. I don't know, but something about this classy combination never fails to feel right for me. And sure, as time goes by the shapes and colors may change, but the main players remanin the same. There were times when I was obsessed with wearing every bright color imaginable, I often opted for neon-hued pairings, but now that my preferred color pallete is decidely calmer, I gravitate towards darker hues and cute prints.

Like I said, one of my favourite ways to sport a cute cat print is with an entirely black and white outfit. I love to wear it with a deep red lipstick and pair of flattering pants. Isn't this look fitting for the upcoming holidays? If you recreate it, don't forget the cat eye :)


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2 comentarii

  1. Este foarte frumoasa tinuta ta, si imi place cum pozezi: foarte natural. Great job!

  2. Another crazy cat lady over here :)).kisses!