What to expect on shopping at an antique jewellery store

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Shopping for antique jewellery can be an exhilarating, yet trick journey. It's all about finding that magical piece which contains a rich history and beautiful craftsmanship. You get a double win when that masterpiece can be complemented with documents. If you are passionate about finding genuine antique stores from earlier periods, it's important to explore in stores in Europe.

When hunting for antique jewellery, it's good to remember there are a variety of stores you can go to. Don't just limit yourself to small shops. Explore auction houses, trade shows, popular antique fairs as well as private dealers. You can also try looking at antique jewellery for sale at Kalmar Antique's online store. 
If you are new in the antique field, however, it's good to know what to expect when shopping in a vintage jewellery store. This way you can go in prepared and fully aware when making a purchase. You can avoid getting messed around by knowing what to ask and what to look for.

What to expect from antique jewellery shopping?

The retailer should have a magnifying glass. This will give you the chance to confirm for yourself the quality of the antique. Up close and personal you will be able to see any damage, faded colors or scratches. So always feel comfortable to ask in store, especially before you make a purchase.
You may be presented with an array of brands, so make sure you're in the know. Because stores nowadays are increasing their selection, knowing what vintage designer brand you like will help the selection process.

Expect the seller to be knowledgeable about the pieces they are selling. It's not unusual for a seller to know their antique jewellery inside out. For example, when you ask about art deco engagement rings-Kalmar Antiques specialists will be able to easily answer your question as they are knowledgeable about antiques jewelleries. This is a good sign they are passionate about authentic pieces. You will want to ask for as much information as possible considering the creation date, certificates/paperwork, grades of the diamonds/gemstones, return policies and more. It's also important that you get the seller to walk with you through the history behind the piece of jewellery. This way you get a first-hand glimpse into the value it carries.

Get ready for the salesperson to show you the designer's markings. Stores are keen to show potential customers this because it helps prove an antiques' authenticity. It therefore helps to get familiarised with various markings of designers you are interested in. The logo or writing of the designer can be featured on the inside or outside of the piece so it's good to have a thorough look. When you're in store make sure you tap into common sense and if  you notice any discrepancies, stay clear from making a purchase.
Want a reliable purchase? Go to consignment stores. Try to locate some consignment shops for vintage jewellery. Even though it may be more expensive you will rarely spot a fake in one.
Hopefully you have taken away some good tips from this article and put them into practice next time you are in an antique store. It can be tricky hunting down the piece you desire, but I can assure you the end result will be well worth it. So be patient and take extra care to find reputable stores that offer you a quality service.

One of the most important things is to look for passionate, genuine sellers and built a rapport with them. This way you can get peace of mind before making a purchase and choose something you'll treasure for years to come.

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